Wynoochee Fish Passage

This fish passage restoration project is located within the Wynoochee sub-basin, ~7 miles south of the Wynoochee Dam (RM 47.8), Grays Harbor County, WA. Work proposed for this restoration projects includes removal of the passage barrier and road abandonment within the vicinity of blockage removal. The three barriers lie along the old Grisdale Rail Road grade that was used to transport logs from WWII to the mid-1980s. The project is located along Save Creek, a tributary to the Wynoochee River; and Pigpen and Wye Creeks which are tributaries of Schaefer Creek, a major tributary to the Wynoochee River. Anadromous fish stocks present within the Wynoochee sub-basin include fall Chinook, coho, chum, cutthroat, winter steelhead, and summer steelhead. The goal of the project is to allow anadromous fish migration to 7.6 stream miles that is currently inaccessible. The removal of the barriers will increase available spawning and rearing habitat partially mitigating anadromous fish habitat loss from dam construction (Chehalis Basin Partnership Habitat Work Group, 2010). Healthy stocks of coho, steelhead, and cutthroat will benefit from the barrier removal.